Translation memory management

CAT tools (Computer Assisted Tools) have become indispensable resources for translating. Among them the most well-known are TRADOS and Wordfast, among others. In a text translated with the aid of CAT tools, the pair made up of the source language segment and the target language segment is called a translation unit; translation memories are collections of these translation units.

Translation memories are useful for developing a variety of spheres of language technologies.  UZEI has developed its own resources to optimise their performance.

On the other hand, although certain aspects of translation memories are efficient, as they grow in size they may generate problems like the following:

  • Computer problems: solutions enabling simultaneous use of the same memory by a large number of users are still extremely expensive.
  • RAM memory: large memories slow down the devices in which they are used.
  • Accumulation of useless information: storing useless information (junk information) hinders the optimum working of the tools.
  • Translations managed by translation memories are usually free of context.
  • Difficulties in retrieving pertinent information.

UZEI places solutions for these and other problems at their clients’ disposal.