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  3. UZEI is working on a new project on Basque neologisms

UZEI is working on a new project on Basque neologisms

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A close look at the real evolution of the lexicon is essential for any language, and even more so, if possible, for a language in the process of standardisation, such as Basque.

Monitoring and analysing linguistic borrowings from other languages or those that Basque speakers create from Basque themselves can be a valuable source of information for finding out about linguistic strategies aimed at revitalising Basque.

There is no doubt that both borrowings and neologisms generated from Basque are necessary, but sometimes those forms created from Basque (by derivation, composition, etc.) do not reach the same level of diffusion as forms from the hegemonic languages of our environment. Compiling and publicising the different types of neologisms can be useful so that speakers have a wider range of possibilities from which to choose.

In order to respond to this need, and taking as a model what is already being done in the languages of our environment, UZEI is working to set up a new project, the Neoloteka, which will soon be launched, and through which it will compile the most recently created words and terms or those that have been incorporated into Basque.