UZEI attended the Congress of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language that took place in Arantzazu

Euskaltzaindia, the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, has carried out, among the acts of celebration of its centenary, the XVII International Congress, which has taken place in Arantzazu (Gipuzkoa) between 4 and 6 October 2018. This year also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the standard Basque language, which is why several agents working in the field of Basque language and culture have analysed the course followed during those years, as well as the challenges of the future. UZEI has taken part in the congress by giving three conferences.

In the first place, our colleague and full academician of the Basque language Miriam Urkia spoke on behalf of Euskaltzaindia on 4 October giving a lecture entitled “Euskara batua eta hiztegigintza” (“Standard Basque and lexicography”), in which she described in detail the journey made in the field of lexicography in Basque during the aforementioned years, as well as the work process followed to create Euskaltzaindiaren Hiztegia (the Dictionary of Euskaltzaindia).

In the afternoon of that same day, Ainhoa Arregi, UZEI lexicographer and assistant academician of the Basque language, gave her lecture in the block entitled “Euskara batuaren etorkizuneko erronkak ingurune digitalean” (“Future challenges of standard Basque in the digital environment”). In her speech, Ainhoa pointed out the need to improve the implementation and dissemination of resources and tools already developed, as well as the importance of setting future priorities and working in a coordinated manner.

On 5 October Iker Etxebeste, head of the Terminology Department at UZEI, presented his communication entitled “Euskara batuaren hitz berriak: erabileratik estandariziorako bideak” (“The new words in standard Basque: paths leading from use to standardisation”), in which he stressed the need for consensus and convergence also in the field of terminology, as well as the need to give terminometry the importance it deserves and to deal with it appropriately.

Finally, the president of UZEI, Jon Etxabe, signed on behalf of UZEI the manifesto of the standard Basque (“Euskara batuaren adierazpena”), which was read by the honorary academician of the Basque language Joan Mari Torrealdai (https://www.euskaltzaindia.eus/zer-berri/5657-euskara-batuaren-adierazpena). This manifesto by Euskaltzaindia is addressed to the Basque society.

In addition to those mentioned above, several colleagues from UZEI were also present at the congress, in order to keep very much in mind the contributions made therein.


Miriam Urkia – Euskara batua eta hiztegigintza (2018-10-04)

Ainhoa Arregi – Bidean ikasitakoarekin etorkizuneko erronkei aurre egiten (2018-10-04)

Iker Etxebeste – Euskara batuaren hitz berriak (2018-10-05)

«Euskara Batuaren adierazpena»: UZEIren izenean Jon Etxabe lehendakariak sinatu zuen Arantzazun

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