Tentu.eus is born, a new publication that personalizes its contents based on technology developed by UZEI

Publication date: 10-01-2019

The electronic publication Tentu.eus is the result of the collaboration between MCCtelecom, ISEA, Abantail and LKS

Tentu.eus is a new free magazine, created by the cooperatives MCCtelecom, ISEA, Abantail and LKS, which adapts its contents to the interests of each user.

Basing on technology for Automatic Text Classification (or Topic Spotting), Tentu adds content from 700 public and private RSS feeds, and offers it in bilingual format (Basque and Spanish).

A georeferenced service


Tentu offers four types of information: articles, events, image gallery and advertising. In addition, users can optionally geolocate the device from which they are accessing the service and be provided with information on nearby municipalities.

Based on UZEI’s technology

For content classification, Tentu uses technology developed by UZEI, and more specifically:

◾️ euLEX: the Basque lexical database, which contains around 137,000 entries and is constantly updated according to the rules and recommendations of the Royal Academy of the Basque Language (Euskaltzaindia).

◾️ esLEX: the Spanish lexical database created by UZEI, with nearly 123,000 entries. It is constantly updated according to the rules and recommendations of the Spanish Royal Academy.

◾️ euLEMA: an automatic lemmatizer of the Basque language, which is based on euLEX.

◾️ esLEMA: a lemmatizer of Spanish. Like the lemmatizer of the Basque language, it uses two-level morphology and state automata.

Once the analysis of the content has been carried out, UZEI sends the result to Tentu, proposing the most suitable topics and subtopics.


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