UZEI has broad experience in creating dictionaries.

General vocabulary dictionaries

Besides the work it does for Euskaltzaindia, the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, (the Unified Dictionary and the Lexical Observatory, among others), UZEI has drawn up several complementary dictionaries, which it offers online or by means of plugins: the Basque Frequency Dictionary, Atzekoz aurrera – Dictionary of Terminations in Basque and the Dictionary of Synonyms.

Similarly, UZEI has developed and continues to develop projects to adapt the dictionaries of other organisations and authors to standardised formats, and, in particular, it has done work in XML based on TEI.

Terminology dictionaries

UZEI has drawn up a large number of terminology dictionaries  throughout its history (which make up the core of EUSKALTERM), and is a pioneer and specialist in compiling and drawing up specialist vocabulary in all fields.
For all these projects, tools to help in terminology extraction, bilingual vocabulary extraction and vocabulary correction and verification are indispensable; the tools used by UZEI have been created by the company itself.