Translation technology

To guarantee the quality of translations, our translators use the most advanced technology. Although some of these are available on the market, others are are own resources developed with our technology.

•    Vocabulary and spelling correction plug-in developed by UZEI. Apart from enabling spelling correction, the Hobelex, the corrector integrated in the text editor used by the translators, allows lexical correction in accordance with the rulings by the Royal Academy of the Basque Language, Euskaltzaindia, like IDITE.
•    Translation memory manager by UZEI (see eLENA): our translators can consult the documents translated for our clients.
•    Translation checker developed by UZEI, a tool for checking possible inconsistencies (see iTXEK).
•    Computer assisted translation (CAT): the use of CAT tools in translation is currently indispensable. We use SDL Trados and Wordfast, among other tools.