Our localization service translates computer applications and adapts them to the particular culture of the destination of the translation. This task calls for specific language control, as well as the capacity to deal with the technical difficulties of each computer program.

Our localization work is broken down into the following stages:
•    Drawing translation reports and glossaries
•    Extraction and translation of texts from the interface
•    Detection and edition of programming internal text
•    Testing the computer application

For further information on localization, consult the website www.lokalizazioak.com  [in Basque].

The following work is a sample of our know-how in the field of localization:
•    Microsoft Windows 98
•    Microsoft Internet Explorer 4
•    Microsoft Windows XP
•    Microsoft Office 2003
•    OpenOffice 1.01
•    Linux Mandrake 10
•    GAUR,  University Academic Management upgraded (UPV/EHU- University of the Basque Country)