eLENA is software designed for managing translation memories, which generates a corpus of multilingual and parallel translations. There are no restrictions as regards languages, and it adapts to suit the specific needs of each client.

Thanks to its powerful resources for seeking documents it is particularly useful for managing bilingual and even multilingual text corpora; e.g. for managing large text masses in translation documents and memories.

Of the main features of the eLENA application, the following stand out: the use of logical operators, operators for determining the distance between words and wildcard characters; the chance to do word and phrase searches in paragraphs making up the corpus; and the chance to consult each word of the text in its context, given that the whole original document can be retrieved.

eLENA technology is used, e.g. in the Gipuzkoa Regional Government’s translation database (iMEMORIAK) as well as in the Basque Government’s IDABA service and Public Translation Memory Bank.