Basque Frequency Dictionary

It could be said that the Basque Frequency Dictionary is a dictionary that compiles Basque vocabulary in figures, offering quantitative data on the language.

maiztasun hiztegiaIt is based on the use of Basque in the twentieth century which is why it tells you the quantitative value of the vocabulary of the entire century, providing absolute and relative values, as well as data according to classification criteria (on the one hand, depending on the year, dialect and type of text, and, on the other, depending on the variations in form). It is necessary to know which forms are most often used in Basque, for example, for those wishing to learn the language, given that this facilitates communication through the most basic vocabulary. A dictionary based on a corpus a result of real use, that is, it is not a compendium of other dictionaries, but of what has really been written and published in Basque, and covers all types of texts.

This dictionary has a total of 3,704,135 entries.

Each entry provides two types of information: the lemma (the dictionary entry or standard or recommended form, e.g. iritzi [opinion]) and its variation in form (the entry that reflects the real use of the form, and does not necessarily correspond to the standardised or standard form; e.g., despite the fact that the standardized form is iritzi, eritzi is also used, and, therefore, said form is likewise included). Each variation in form is accompanied by its lemma in the dictionary. You can therefore view all absolute and relative data.