A system for guaranteeing the consistency of translations

iTXEK is a tool for guaranteeing the quality and consistency of the text translated into Basque, while optimizing the translation process and making it more cost effective.

In translation memories, it detects inconsistencies between source and target language segments, giving the user the option to correct them. As a first step, it checks both the segmentation and the punctuation.



In the field of lexicon, iTXEK lemmatizes the general and specialized lexicon of parallel texts and checks it by comparing it with a dictionary previously defined by the user.  Similarly, it detects named entities in both segments of a translation unit, and offers the option of checking and even sanitizing them.

Although it has been developed to be used in the field of translation, it can be used to check the correct use of the lexicon in parallel texts; for example, in parallel legal texts such as official gazettes, versions of laws, etc.

The iTXEK project was presented at the Basque Government’s Saiotek 2010 call for proposals.