Hassan Akioud: a path from Amazhig to Basque

Hassan Akioud, researcher at The Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture, IRCAM, is currently visiting the Basque Country. Amazhig is the set of languages spoken in Morocco, Algeria and other North African countries.

The standardisation of Amazhig is in its initial phase and, taking as a reference the course followed by Basque language in recent decades, Hassan Akioud has been able to meet with experts in several fields of the Basque language.


Based on the premise that our experience in the creation of dictionaries can be of help for the Amazhig, Miriam Urkia and Iker Etxebeste have carried out this week in UZEI working sessions together with the IRCAM researcher, in which the Basque lexicography and terminology have been analyzed respectively.

Hassan Akioud also participated in the EAFT Terminology Summit that took place last week in San Sebastian, and has also recently visited Euskaltzaindia, especially to learn about the work carried out by the Basque Language Academy in the fields of toponymy and onomastics.

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