Basque lexical database

euLEX is the Basque lexical database, a fundamental language resource developed by UZEI for the automatic processing of Basque. euLEX is undoubtedly the most complete and up-to-date Basque lexicon. Clearly this is a fundamental factor in guaranteeing the utility of the different tools developed by UZEI on the basis of this resource.

euLEX is the labelled dictionary required by all products and tools created by UZEI (analyzers, lemmatizers, correctors, search engines, terminological extraction, subject matter classifiers) for them to work properly, and it combines general and specialist vocabulary.


It has 154,000 entries with lexical, morphosyntactic and semantic information, and is continually updated as soon as new regulations and criteria are released by Euskaltzaindia and the Terminology Committee. It likewise includes the recommendations and preferences of said language authorities; it therefore compiles the rejected or non-preferred forms apart from the correct forms, to which it refers the former.

In addition, it includes commonly used words which have not yet been incorporated by the language authorities. Many of these cases are proper nouns, as, in today’s world, we are obliged to permanently update them.

A project funded by Kutxa: